Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day! It's been a very green week around here!--in a good way.. ; )

Since last years St. Patty's day post I've learned that many of our readers celebrate St. Patty's day! --Happy St. Patty's Day to you all!

Alyssa was told that her great grandpa was Irish so when the kids heard that they had a bit of Irish in them that was was time to celebrate! The minute Gran told Alyssa she had a wee bit of Irish in her she believed that she was a schhhhweet lucky Leprechaun... --look how cute she is here... : )

We thought how could we make St. Patty's day Special?? Here are some fun ideas the kids came up with.

A little bit of Lucky Charms for breaky-- all week long! Yum! --Alyssa says --"Hey Finn, they're magically delicious...right : )

Look everyone this is my cute morning Leprechaun face...!

The kids made lucky lime shakes. (Lime sherbet and soda--yum!)
Ethan looks like a little Leprechaun ...his nose so shhhquished! The Leprechaun Glasses say "The Drink's on Me"!

Ethan finally realizes that you can actually see out of these glasses!! ; )

Cheers to Ireland!
-- Erin Go Bragh!

The kids and i wanted to make a yummy treat for my fabulous Irish friend Louise (aka Weezie). She came over last night for some craft time and Alyssa was super excited. This is Alyssa's craft for Weezie (among so many other "art" projects she made her--i think Louise was a tad overwhelmed!) --- i'll share the yummy treat along with a special St. Patty's day card tomorrow!

Alyssa uses about 100 stickers...she said she'd save a few for Gran's project.....

Here is the
After she started sticking the stickers to the card stock i had to cut the card on the "bigger" side to make sure all the Shamrocks would fit on the front like she wanted them to. The inside is my favorite part. Kids are so cute when they create something. I always wonder what goes on in their little minds. There is a funny story behind this card. Alyssa told me she wanted to stamp dogs and only 2 dogs (Louise has 3 dogs). One time when we went to Louise's house one of her 3 dogs ran out into the front yard barking like mad when Louise opened the door to greet us. The dog managed to take off across the street still barking it's head off..!! Alyssa was laughing and scared at the same time. Such great memories for her as she must of had this in mind when making her card. When Alyssa gave Louise the card she explained the card. She told Louise that she gave the dog a leash and only had 2 dogs on the card cuz the other dog ran away and she could use a leash. lol - when Alyssa was stamping the greeting i explained that the greeting i gave her said "good luck" and asked if that was what she wanted to stamp. She said yes ... and then said good luck on catching the dog! lol.... so cute.

Here is the Shamrock Alyssa made using the Butterfly Punch....and a whole lota glitter! --oh what fun.

The kids and I are curious to know how you celebrate St. Patty's Day? Any family traditions?

Here's Alyssa saying...come back tomorrow to see what yummy treat i helped mommy make for weezie!! ; )


Leigha Rock

OMG! I LOVE the headband! I totally have to borrow that for next year! I'm sure I could shamROCK that headband -- hee hee :)

LOVE all the crafts. Thanks for the great ideas. BTW- using the butterfly punch for the shamrock was brilliant.

Happy St. Paddy's Day :)