Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me MDS style..

I haven't used My Digital Studio (MDS) as much as i would like to and when Stampin Up! (SU) sent me this card a couple weeks ago it really made me think how easy it would of been to do my Christmas cards this year if i would of created them using MDS! And then i was really kicking myself when i saw Leigha's cute MDS Christmas Wish to everyone!! Her card is super creative.. just the right amount of perfect! Now I've really made it a goal for the new year!!

The program offers so much and is really not that hard to use. I'll start slow by learning how to navigate through MDS once i get a new computer! --i have such an old computer, yes I'm living in the dinosaur ages over here! and i can't load the program without my computer having a melt down and crashing!! {very sad face}! I'm asking Santa for a Laptop so if i get one for Christmas i will certainly be playing with this program in the New Year..---I've been really really good this year so let's hope Santa brings me one.. {big smile}

SU has a great MDS site. You'll have to check it out:

SU sends out a cute birthday card to all their active demonstrators. The fun part is you get to choose one item for 15% off plus you receive the discount you already receive as a demonstrator so it's a pretty cool gift. I've already pick and received my gift--Thank you SU!

Just a note: If you are currently a demo or just signing up you need to register your birthday with SU in order to receive this wonderful gift!

My Birthday is in ONE week! WOW! I'll have to admit that having a birthday in December kinda sucks ; ). With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas i tend to forget about my birthday (and when you get older you just forget alot of things..) I was quite surprised and excited to receive this card in the mail. Thank you again SU for putting a smile on my face.. : ) : )

Well today is a quick post as the kids and i are in the middle of some fun christmas baking!--wrapping presents and watching some old Christmas Classics. The kids are really getting into the Christmas spirit and counting down the days until Santa arrives. I have 2 more days of work then i'm off for a little break! Yay!