Monday, May 9, 2011

What a GREAT Mother's Day it was!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Mother's Day!! I had the most awesome day with my family!! Ethan had a ball game in the afternoon and we had some family over for dinner! BESIDES me dumping the pie ALL OVER the place (don't even ask!!) it turned out to be a GREAT day!! : )

Ever since pre-school Ethan has handmade something for me for Mother's Day. Every year he is super excited to present his gift to me. This year he brought the gift home all wrapped up. He kept telling me i couldn't open it until Mother's Day!! Sooooooo when Sunday morning rolled around...i was anxious to open my gift. I really love it when Ethan makes something!!! He puts his heart and soul into his 10 minute projects...LOL!!'s the thought that counts...right..? : )

Not sure if you can guess what this is. My husband and i looked at each in shock when i opened it. We were speechless! --i'm not sure what was going through hubby's mind but i was thinking "what the heck is this".. i turned to Ethan and he said to me "it's a key chain mom" and i said... I LOVE IT! : )

I asked Ethan how he made the key chain and he said they were allowed to use 'Permanent Markers' and when they were done drawing their picture the teacher put it in the oven and the thick plastic paper shrunk up.. (i can still hear his words "super cool huh mom"...!!)

Here's the inside? or is it the outside..? ; )

And here's the cute card he made me. (gets his craftiness from his ol' mom)- wink wink.

Don't you love how the back of the card is the cute! Love how he has shortened the word "mother's" day to moms day! (such a guy thing to do..!!)'s the inside. There's me again with my big boy!....

I'm so proud of my big guy! and of course my little munchkin is darlin' as well!! I have the best kids anyone could ask for!!

I had to take a quick photo of my cutie bears before i went to bed!! ALL tucked in!! --- Well after i tucked them both in their own beds Alyssa decided to sneak into big brother's room for some cuddles. (Soooooo cute)

Hope you all had a wonderful day with your families.