Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Potion No. 9 {Tutorial}

Okay, so I'm trying to write this post, sitting at my computer, and I'm laughing so hard........ (out loud even.......oh dear, I just snorted)...... imagining Natasha's reaction to this post.  I'm really going to hear about this one.

Those of you who know me, know that:  a)  I love to drink wine.........,and  b)  I love to make crafts.  Well........I finally found a way to combine both of those interests.

You know when you drink a bottle of wine, but you don't drink the whole thing?  No???  I know, it rarely happens to me too, but once in a while it does.  I wanted to make something that was nicer than just sticking the old cork back in.......voila!.......... Love Potion No. 9 wine stopper <wink, wink>. 

To create this you will need:

A ceramic knob, a cork. super strong glue, and double ended screw (not shown).  All of these things can be purchased for super cheap in the bulk section of your local hardware store.  You will also need:  StazOn Ink Pad (101406), StazOn Cleaner (109196), Stamps: Clearly for You (W121911, C121976) (to stamp the "No.", and Calendar Alphabet & Numbers (111610) (to stamp the "9"). Or, you can use stamps of your choice....make it your own!

Ink up the "No.5" stamp from the Clearly for You (W121911, C121976) stamp set with StazOn.  Be careful to only ink up the "No.", and not the "5".  Stamp it onto your ceramic knob.  If you make a mistake, you can clean it off with StazOn Cleaner and try again.  Next, ink up the "9" from the Calendar Alphabet and Numbers set (111610) and carefully stamp it beside the "No.".  Let it dry. 

Next, I screwed one end of the double ended screw into the knob.  I placed super strong glue on the cork, and onto the base of the knob.  Then I carefully screwed the knob (with the screw attached) into the cork.  Let it dry.

So the next time you and your sweetie, don't finish a bottle of Love Potion No. 9, you have a super cute wine stopper to use to save it for another time.

Happy sipping......


Sabriena Satchwell

Love this idea!!! :-)

Mitzi Gilooly

Love it!!!!

Natasha Hein

Your snorting rocks!! I can hear you now!!

Drinking and crafting at the same time is something you'll have to teach me!! Can you type me up a quick tutorial ... Bwaaaahhhhaa!! -- always wondered how you came up with all these "out of this world" craft ideas- wine!! : )

Amy E. McCollum

CUTE!!!!! Love It! I rarely have that problem either but, just in case it'd be great to have a couple on hand. ;)
Smooches, Amy