Friday, September 7, 2012

Lynn's Bouquet {Tutorial}

Happy 1st Anniversary Lynn and Matt!

Did you know that the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper? To help celebrate their first wedding anniversary, I recreated my friend, Lynn's wedding bouquet in PAPER!  The bouquet pictured below is made completely out of card stock using various Stampin' Up! punches and dies.  I just love the classy white on white theme! 

  I first introduced you to my friend Lynn when I created her butterfly wedding place cards.  Can you believe a whole year has gone by?  I can't!  

 This is a picture of Lynn's real wedding bouquet on her wedding day.  

And this was cake I made to celebrate her wedding shower. 


And this is the bouquet I created out of paper.  To create this bouquet,  I used both my original  Paper Orchid Tutorial and my original Summer Bouquet Tutorial.  I simply changed up the colours a bit, and put them together. Wouldn't you love to make it for someone special?   Now you can!  If you purchase both the original Paper Orchid Tutorial and the original Summer Bouquet Tutorial, I will also include a 6 page step-by-step Lynn's Bouquet Tutorial (lots of gorgeous pics here too) on how to do the colour variation for the wedding orchids, the creamy roses, the white hydrangea, and beargrass, as well as  how to make and assemble the  bouquet.  (Of course, as always, the Paper Orchid Tutorial and the Summer Bouquet Tutorial  will continue to be available seperately).  

To celebrate this new bouquet,  I am offering the Paper Orchid Tutorial AND the Summer Bouquet Tutorial  TOGETHER for a reduced price. 

The complete five part  Paper Orchid Tutorial and template AND the compete four part Summer Bouquet Tutorial PLUS Lynn's Bouquet Tutorial  is available for purchase for only $11.95.  

UPDATE:  (added June 1, 2013):  You are purchasing a tutorial from 2012.  Some of the items used in the tutorial have been discontinued from Stampin' Up!  For the most part, these beautiful flowers can still be recreated using alternate colours and products.  

Or find the link to purchase on the top right sidebar.  The tutorial will be e-mailed to the email address registered to your paypal account within 24 hours as several  PDF files following your purchase.  If you do not receive your email, please check your spam box.  If you still have not received your file within 24 hours, please contact me so I can correct any issues.

 I want to be know for my awesome customer service and support!  Did you purchase  both of these tutorials already?  You can have the Lynn's Bouquet Tutorial for FREE!  Simply email me.  Did you purchase one of tutorials already?  Wondering if you can purchase the other one and qualify for the free Lynn's Bouquet Tutorial?  Of course! Simply purchase the tutorial you need, and either place a comment to seller at the time of purchase letting me know you qualify for the free tutorial.  

Details on the Paper Orchid Tutorial and Template are available here ($5.95 purchased separately).  
Details on the Summer Bouquet Tutorial  are availble here ($6.95 purchased separately).

Questions?  Please feel free to email me.  I'd love to hear from you!  

P.S.  One other tiny tidbit....... Lynn's wedding anniversary and my wedding anniversary are the same day!  First for Lynn, and 14th for me :)