Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dance Teacher Thank You Gifts

Thanks for Teaching Me to Get My Groove On!

This year we had five dance teacher thank you gifts to make! Four for my daughter Emma, and one for my son, Finn.  Emma does ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical.  Finn does tap.  He's too little to know that it's not cool for boys to dance yet :).  I think this is the last year I'll be able to get him to do it.  He just loves soccer and baseball too much to make him keep going.  I'm glad I got one more year of designing and sewing dance costumes in :) -- it's something that I love to do!

This year all the dance teacher's got a gift card holder with an iTunes card in it.   The little records say "Thanks....... for teaching me how to get my groove on".  These are the same little card holders that we featured last year.  They were originally inspired and CASEd from Eighteen25.  You can read more details here.  Finn's dance teacher, Miss Nicole, also got a handmade bag.  The saying was created in MDS and printed out onto ink jet iron-on transfer paper.  The little handprints are done with little hands painted acrylic paint and pressed directly onto the fabric. Once everything was dry, each of the three kids signed their names onto a hand with a permanent black marker.  Miss Nicole loved it!



I love your set and was wondering if you have the instructions for your gift card? Keep up the good work. Stephanie

Leigha Rock

Hi Stephanie! No, I haven't done up a tutorial for the gift card holder yet. But it's certainly something I can keep in mind for down the road :) --Leigha