Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ms Alyssa's Butterfly Card {Tutorial}

As i mentioned yesterday, Ethan couldn't wait to make Nana a birthday card! He loves to see his Nan!.. He is constantly asking when Nana's coming over and then when she's leaving he asks when he's going to see her again!!

Since he was so excited and eager to create I told him he could use whatever he wanted....( hopes he wouldn't touch As he started to create his card he asked what Nana's favorite colour was? I said hum...i'm not sure..? He was eager to call her to find out. After he hung up the phone he had to start all over!! Apparently Nan told him her favorite colours are purple and green? --WHAT? seriously Nan? --do those colours even go ; )

Here's what he came up with using lucky limeade and wisteria wonder....and I'm pretty proud of him for sitting still for as long as he did and creating the card all by himself without any help from me (well, ok.. i tied the bow! and since there was no pressure it turned out pretty DAMN GOOD!!)

I loved watching him write inside the card. He knew exactly what he wanted to write to Nana!

Alyssa was all over this craft project. She has really become interested in arts and crafts since she started preschool this year. I was truly amazed how she got right into craft mode with the punches and glue!! She kept asking me if i was taking photos..?? and i said what for? she said for our blog!! --i want to show my friends at school how i made Nana's card!! --gosh i was cracking up! too cute! I guess she hears Leigha and i talk about "our blog" and thought it would be a great idea to to share her craft project. Ms Alyssa is way too cute for words! I grabbed my phone that was beside me and started shooting some pics so i do apologize for the poor photos.. as it was pretty dark outside there was no natural light peeking in so the glare from my table lamp made for some very bad photos : (

With all of Alyssa's excitement i wish i was better prepared! Next time I'll be a bit more prepared for a photo shoot...or : )

Ms Alyssa's Step by Step Butterfly Card:

Step One: Wait until older sibling is finished with supplies so there is no fighting over certain supplies! Everybody needs to use the heart punches when making cards for grandma!

Step 2: Have Mom or Dad cut card stock in half and fold for card base. Run any necessary dies through the big shot (in this case Alyssa used the scallop duo die)---watch those little fingers!

Punch as many hearts out as you can. In this case Alyssa uses one full sheet of 8-1/2 x 11" card stock! -lucky mom provided her NON stampin up card stock--{big smile}.

Step 3: Punch out any other images you may want to add to the card. In this case Ms Alyssa decides she wants a million and one butterflies! She punches like crazy for about 10 mins.

Step 4: With SU's kid friendly non messy glue stick, glue all your punched out images to the card. And don't worry if you only use ONE of the hundred's of hearts you punched out earlier because you only need ONE heart on the card to show grandma how much you love her!!

Step 5: Stamp your favorite birthday greeting! Make sure you push really really hard and wiggle and rock the stamp as much as you can cuz you want to make sure the greeting shows up on grandma's card.. : )

Voila! Here's your finished card!

This card comes with a Warning: --Due to an overwhelming need for butterflies please be cautioned when opening this card. Butterflies my fly out unsuspectingly .... : )

Supplies Ms. Alyssa recommends in order to create a Beautiful Butterfly Card:

Stamps: Your Favorite Birthday Greeting and any heart or love stamp
Kid's Card Stock: Red, Blue, Green, scraps of pretty in pink.
Ink: Basic Black
Accessories and More: Big shot, Scallop Duo Die, Perfect Polka Dot Embossing Folder, Full Heart punch, Butterfly Punch, Markers, Glue Stick.

Hope you like! ...Nana LOVED her cards and told the kids she'd cherish them forever and ever! : )


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Louise Meissner

Way too cute! Next time you definitely need to do this as a video.....LOL


Way to go Alyssa and Ethan !
That is far too cute......I too agree that a video is in order next time.


I loved this post! Ethan and Alyssa, your cards and technique rock. It just made this Gamma happy.

Ange McKay, North Shore Stamper

Oh my gosh.. they make me melt!!!! Now we know where the real talent in the family is;)


That's absolutely adorable! I have a feeling the video might have to be edited for control and direction from mom!!!